As a public scholar, I organize my scholarly agenda, teaching approach, and investment in multimodality to demonstrate my commitment to collaboratively build supportive communities and inclusive spaces for diverse individuals, narratives, and methodologies. I am also listed on the Duco Expert Page:

Below I document my most recent media requests and podcasts.


Podcast: Contesting Islamophobia in education and society, Fresh Ed Podcast, April 29

Media Interview: New Republic about #MeToo in Pakistan

Media Interview for Millenial Politics about Ilhan Omar and Islamophobia


Podcast: Gender and Violent Extremism Across American Societies, Center for Global Policy, June 1

Media Interview, Queer Voices, Huffington Post, August 1

Podcast, Anthropological Airwaves Podcast, May 21

Featured in Harvard Graduate School of Education Usable Knowledge, February 21

Media Interview, Teaching Tolerance, Southern Poverty Law Center, Spring